Here is what some of my patients have said...



My name is Melva Winter, from Warramboo South Australia, ex-SRN, farmers wife, Historian, now aged 83 years.

Following many years of poor health and being allergic to all antibiotics and gluten, the owner of the health food shop in Port Lincoln suggested I see a Naturopath and thereby I met Mrs Carolyn White.

In Due course, a Hain test was suggested resulting in the professor from Canberra University personally ringing me as the results for sulphur and aluminium in my system were alarming.

Thereafter Mrs White has been my Physician for more than 20 years, and I can honestly say that she has enabled me to reach my age and I will continue to seek her advice and support.

If anyone wishes to contact me my number is (08) 8681 8052



I have been a patient of Carolyn White for more than 11 years, brought about by a physical condition which has tried it's best for 30 years to limit my capabilities in life.

Carolyn has been very professional, caring and successful in managing my health problems, her treatment has allowed me to live a very productive life, continuing to work in our family business and be a part of the physical activities I would otherwise not be able to participate in.

I wish Carolyn all the best as she embarks upon another part in her life's journey.


Chris Eime.



The last five years I have been diagnosed with severe osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, I have suffered numerous fractures of my spine, losing 7 inches from my height. My bone specialist has told me that I am the worst case he has ever seen, he cannot believe I am still walking around without aid.

Carolyn White Has been treating me with her many Modalities which she has practiced for the last 20 years in her clinic.

Carolyn has treated and diagnosed me with Iridology, VEGA testing, nutritional diet, herbal and homeopathic medicine, ENAR therapy, massage, and emotional and physical support.

I have improved greatly, with much more flexibility in my joints and muscles. This week, for the first time in five years I have been able to sit on the beach in Hervey Bay, What a revelation!

Thanks Carolyn.

Beverly Hill. SA.