The Benefits of Massage

Never before in the history of mankind, have we lived in such a fast-paced, stressful society. Mental, emotional and physical stressors, profoundly effect the musculature and other soft connective tissues of the body.

Mental tension and stress, transfers to the muscle, causing tension and tightness of the muscle. Usually, this is most notable in the neck and shoulders.

An immediate instinct is to touch and rub the tense area. Massage helps to restore balance and function to the muscles, nervous and circulatory systems. Massage helps us to remove tension, and once aware, we are able to let it go and experience a deep relaxation of both body and mind.

The natural energy flow of the body is harmonized. If we are ‘stressed out’, massage will relax and conversely, if we are feeling sluggish, massage energizes !

As a baby in the womb, we experience head to toe massages on practically a continual basis, then, as children, we are instilled with the thought that touch equates to sex and that it should be avoided, finally, in our older age, when the skin and appearance is not so youthful, touch is again, sadly lacking.

Through Touch, massage relaxes the body and the mind.

It eases pain.

Stimulates the circulation of blood and function of the Lymph glands.

It tones the muscular system.

Increases energy and vitality.

Removes acid and waste deposits from the muscles, and helps stop formation of fibrosis in injured muscles and is most beneficial in loosening and relaxing muscles prior to Chiropractic treatments.

Contra-indications to massage are:-

Unstable heart condition, early pregnancy, open wounds, rashes, fracture or diagnosed brittle bones, recent spinal fusion, contagious diseases, severe pain, obvious swelling , viral or bacterial infections.