ENAR Therapy


This tiny hand held device was invented in Russia in the mid 1980s under the direction of the Space and Military Research Program and the designers were awarded the “Lenin Prize” for their work.

The therapy was intended for use by the cosmonauts, whilst in space, to treat sickness of any nature, rather than having to send a broad selection of medicines in the space craft to cover the many types of illness they might develop.

This therapy assists the body to heal itself and it also promotes the production of pain relieving substances that are released into the localized area, by the nerves that are being stimulated.

ENAR is able to locate an area of damaged muscles, tendons, ligaments, organs and nerves by the presence of sickness toxins and electrolytes that are sweated out by the pores of the skin and lie on the surface, directly above the damaged or unwell area.

Immediately, it begins sending electrical impulses,that match those of our own nerves, into the structure beneath.

Now, the nerves beneath, send back impulses to the ENAR, indicating their matching strength of transmission…...or a deficit.

 After each impulse, the ENAR reads and interprets the improving strength of the nerve impulses and adapts its emissions to suit the current need.


ENERGETIC treatment is effective in the first instance.

Our brain is likened to a computer that sends messages via the nerves (ie: electric wires) to every single cell of the body, telling them what to do.

The nerves send messages back to the brain and the brain responds to the information received, be it good..... or bad.

By stimulating the nerves in the brain, we are able to promote healing, anywhere in the body we so choose.

ENAR was accepted at the Macquarie University, Sydney, for trial in 2004.

The six week trial was conducted on patients with chronic neck pain and disabilities, in comparison with the TENS machine.

The ENAR proved to be far superior in providing pain relief and joint mobility.

Participants were interviewed six months after the completion of the trials and were all able to report a sustained improvement in their neck disorders therefore, this speaks of a deep-seated effect via the ENAR treatment.