The following are the Modalities that I specialize in.


Full General Health Assessment.

Treatment of any illness. (Cancer and Diabetes must be monitored by a Doctor of medicine also.)

Treatments begin with questions and examination of the patient, which determines the origins of the illness. Prescribe supplements to assist healing, advise of specific dietary considerations, providing supplements, once agreed upon by the patient.

 Follow-up consultation in 2-3 weeks, then again in 3-4 weeks, depending on progress, for a total of 8-12 weeks.


With a bright light and a magnifying glass, the signs in the coloured section of the eye are read, confirming or denying my original thoughts. I inform the patient of these findings and re-examine at most visits. Iridology reveals health or sickness in any part of the body. To have this knowledge is invaluable, as we can prevent sickness before it occurs. It is so helpful to be aware of our weak spots :- "An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure".

Diet and Nutrition

Any disorder can be improved or worsened with the ingestion of certain foods. Type written specifics are provided. Ie : Tomatoes Exacerbate Gout !

Bach Wildflower Remedies And Australian Bush Flower Essences

After consultation, prescription and provision of the best Australian flower essence to negate the dominant detrimental thoughts and emotions that flow on and affect the physical body also.


Deep tissue, remedial, for the general aches, pain and tightness or sport injury, and/or to improve our quality of life as we age.

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ENAR Therapy

ENAR is a tiny hand-held device that accelerates dramatically the ability of the body to heal itself.

Immediate results are obtained on painful and restricted muscles and joints. It works by stimulating the nervous system.

The brain can be likened to a computer,the nerves are the electrical wires that carry messages from the brain to every area of the body, telling it how to perform, precisely!

The brain and the nerves control healing and pain relief.

ENAR is capable of locating damaged tissues and nerves and when found, it emits electrical impulses at the level that our bodies naturally operate on. Thus, any nerve transmissions that are deficit, are returned to normal.

ENAR has been clinically tested at Macquarie University, Sydney, and was found to be far superior than TENS in promoting healing and pain relief, and this result was sustained for 6 months.

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Koryo Hand Therapy.

This is non-invasive stimulation of nerve pathways in the hands, which connect to specific areas of the body, thereby drawing the attention of the brain to the unwell area and allowing it to respond with the necessary messages to promote healing. It is a cross between Acupuncture and Reflexology.


Personalised Weight Management Program.

THIS PROGRAM IS INDIVIDUALLY DESIGNED FOR YOU. There are several pathways down which we can proceed, that which suits you is your choice.

Reasons for weight gain :

  •  Emotional Eating
  •  Underactive thyroid and slow metabolic rate (ie: the speed we process food within our bodies, converting it to energy.)
  •  Congested and weakened liver function caused by over eating, consuming excess fatty foods and carbohydrates, exposure to drugs, chemicals, tobacco and alcohol - causing poor digestion, inability to use the food at the cellular level so it is converted to fat stores instead.
  • Poor digestion in the stomach.
  • Poor digestion and lack of secretion of pancreatic digestive enzymes, the food fragments are too large to fit into the cells, so cells become malnourished and can't produce energy. The large fragments travel back to the liver and there, are converted to fat.

In some cases I will invite the patient to undertake a sixteen day detoxification program to clean inside and outside of every living cell, enabling the organs to work as well as possible again.

A full general health asessment which includes noting past years of health history and conducting an Iridology reading enables me to conclude why the weight gain is occurring.

If poor digestion and subsequent development of allergies is an issue this can be ascertained by palpating the stomach and bowels, if pain is evident it means allergies have caused the inflammation, in this case foods will simply convert to fats.

Avoiding these foods for 12 weeks enables weightloss and the return to good health.